Early Response Team

This is a team of trained volunteers who respond immediately after regional natural disasters to provide relief and support for those affected. They are trained and sent by the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) whenever there is need. Please contact Colton Curry at Colton@huntsvillefumc.org if you would like to attend. 

Community Support Team

This team responds to the needs in the community for everything from installing a door to building a wheelchair ramp. They meet about one Saturday a month to tackle the project of the month. If you have any skill with construction or carpentry and have a servant’s heart, then this is the team for you. We are also currently looking for someone who is especially knowledgeable in this area who might serve in leadership of this team alongside Colton Curry, the Director of Missions and Community Life. Please contact him at Colton@huntsvillefumc.org if you think you might be called to serve in this capacity.