Mance Park Methodist Partnership

The Mance Park Partnership program was created in 2013 when we as a church voted to “adopt” Mance Park Middle School in Huntsville as a part of the church's Adopt-A-School Initiative. This ministry serves our local school in an effort to invest in our teachers and improve the overall experience and quality of the students’ education. We celebrate student achievements and perfect attendance goals, show teachers our appreciation through our various support and recognition programs, and put together an amazing Park Pride Celebration at the year of each school year, During the past 10 years, the church and the school have worked together to promote student and teacher recognition, foster participation in events, offer learning opportunities, assist with special needs, and build relationships with students. FUMC-Huntsville has also provided school safety window coverings, fed and treated teachers and staff, and provided woven prayer shawls. The church also conducts "The Blessing of the Backpacks" the Sunday before school begins each fall.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Mance Park Methodist Partnership Team, please contact Judy Freeman at