Now is the time...

There is a story about an eighty-year-old man who was found by his friend to be planting a very small, short tree. 
The friend asked, "What kind of tree is that?"
"Why, it's a peach tree," he said. "I love to eat peaches."
His friend said, “You're a crazy fool. You'll never live to see that tree bear fruit."
The man replied, "I've been eating peaches all my life because someone planted peach trees. So, I am planting this peach tree for someone else to enjoy the fruit of this tree in the future."
Isn't that why we are a church? From the day First United Methodist Church, Huntsville, was founded, we have had the vision to be an intergenerational church that we might pass on the opportunity for others to enjoy the fruit. We want to pass this vision on to our children, young people, moms and dads, retirees - the whole community. We plant so that others might have the fruit of what we have to offer through the love of Jesus Christ. Now is the time to move forward! We are planting something for now and for the future.

How do we rise to meet the needs of our church through the Now is the Time to Move Forward Capital Campaign? We whole-heartedly seek God and ask him:


Through prayer, God can do even more than we could ever imagine.

Campaign Funds Received Will Go Towards...

90 % to debt reduction

10% to fund the much-needed repairs and upgrades around the church

Repairs and upgrades include: the front steps, drywall and ceiling repairs, carpet replacement, painting, and pew repair and refurbishment in the Historic Sanctuary. The CLC needs a natural gas generator for emergency use and the Asbury Annex needs to update the restrooms to be ADA compliant. Install a security system throughout the church.
If you would like to learn ways to give towards the capital campaign please contact our business administrator, Gina Schoreack, at